About Us

Richard TaylorThank you for taking a moment to check out www.taylorsphotosafaris.co.uk.

A while back I embarked on a photographic journey of discovery. Firstly to get better at it and then to use my images to encourage people to examine and engage more closely the natural world around them. I then decided working 9 to 5 got in the way! So I did the daft thing and slowly moved into my new photographic oriented career. With no regrets, only a passion to go further…

I wanted to do something to change the global focus on excess consumption and continuous habitat destruction, is also why. Even just a little something.

I am not yet an eco-warrior, just a concerned global citizen wanting to contribute to the global conservation effort.

Then my wife, Karyn, also took up the cause and joined the safari. Perhaps I just needed closer supervision! Our plan has since evolved, and having resigned her position as Deputy Head at a large Secondary School, we took to the road in search of the beauty and wonder of our planet. While it still exists, which is the real scary bit – our grandchildren (figuratively speaking!) may well miss a lot of it.

Karyn at El Torcal, Spain.

Karyn at El Torcal, Spain.

I was brought up in Zimbabwe and Karyn in South Africa. We have spent much time in Southern Africa so we understand the lure of the African bush. It is also a photographer’s dream location: the abundance of wildlife, the people and cultures, stunning wilderness areas, the wide open horizons and the “Big 5” in abundance. There is something for everyone. We have spent almost as much time in Europe and on forays to other fascinating parts of the world. It really is an amazing place this planet!

I haven’t always been a photographer, having tried my hand as a student, barman, fish seller, bank clerk, laboratory analyst, travelling salesman, contract manufacturer of wonder pills plus a few jobs in between. Karyn has shown a more singular approach and excelled in her chosen profession as a Teacher and Educational Leader. We have both always found the solitude and the beauty of the natural world relaxing, restorative and fascinating: the smells, sights and sounds; also the silence!

Through our website we hope to encourage others to view the natural world of our one-and-only planet more closely and find the same calming influence we find so valuable. Whether it is on the doorstep or farther afield on an annual holiday, sometimes just a little exploring takes you a long way.

Photography can be a difficult and frustrating occupation, but it is a powerful medium and an exceptionally rewarding one. Well, spiritually at least! Please follow us on the website, check out our Blog posts, say hello on social media – we would be honoured to have you along for the ride, or more aptly “The Safari”!

Let us have your comments and suggestions here. We love to hear from people with similar interests, stories, suggestions and experiences…

Let’s safari!

…Richard & Karyn Taylor