Summer in Europe!

The arrival of Spring meansĀ  life starts to get more interesting for a macro photographer! Spring brings a flushing of foliage and the blossoming of buds. The Dawn Chorus reaches full voice and the hatchlings begin to pester their parents who have to re-double their efforts to find enough food for persistent, hungry mouths! All of this brings us that much closer to the wonders of the natural world…

Bumblebee hard at work feeding and pollinating in Wales.

Bumblebee hard at work feeding and pollinating in Wales.

With the promise of summer, Spring showers blow across the UK and summer struggles to grab a foothold. Our wildlife cannot wait though, as the cycle of nature stomachs no delays or distractions…those are mine as I wait for the wind to drop and the sun to shine…

Banded Demoiselle Damselfly

For all the difficulty of Macro photography in the wind and rain it really does open up a whole new avenue for a photographer….a veritable smorgasbord of bug safari opportunities!

The colours of summer start to pervade the spring blossom and the strength of the sun starts to shine through. Rank weeds explode from the verges and insect numbers soar. The swallows, house-martins and migrants all return. The land is a-buzz with summer!

Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni

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